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A brain training App, designed by neuroscientists, to target a special part of your brain that is linked to will power. Simple and easy to use, with gradually increasing levels of difficulty that you commit to using for as little as 15 minutes each day.  A bit like lifting weights for the brain, a 'brain gym'! And at just $4.99 to download for a lifetime! Downloading the App could also support future brain imaging research.


Why can I use it?

Use simple Curb Your Addiction to exercise the front of your brain and say CYa! to those annoying habits you want to control!

Want to strengthen your will-power, to control your appetite and eating, quit smoking, stop taking drugs, give up alcohol, control your aggression, avoid anxiety in social situations and much more?  Try Curb Your Addiction!  Want to stay focused on your life goals, be more efficient at home and at work and say CYa! to feeling mentally overwhelmed? Try Curb Your Addiction! Are you part of a treatment program, or self-improvement group?  Use Curb Your Addiction to boost the treatment effects.

Curb Your Addiction, or CYa! for short is based on years of neuroscience research by leading experts in the field of impulse control.  Researchers have found that in just 4 weeks, using CYa! for half an hour per day may increase brain volume in a front brain region linked to will-power.  Increasing your brain volume may help you to gain better control over those annoying habits that you just want to stop!

So try Curb Your Addiction today, and say CYa! to your bad habits and improve your life!


How does it work?

People have been asking this question.  It is quite simple, but requires between 15 minutes and half an hour commitment from you, at least 3 times per week.  You wouldn't go to the gym to exercise your heart or your other muscles for just 10 minutes, so why would you only spend 10 minutes exercising a muscle in your brain? In just a short session per day Curb Your Addiction exercises a part of your brain circuitry by gradually increasing the difficulty day by day - a bit like increasing the weights that you lift at the gym as you get better and better.  Because C-Ya! focuses on a specific part of the brain linked to will-power and impulse-control, it really helps to target the part of the brain that you might use to control those annoying habits.  


Some extra information for you.

The unique part about Curb Your Addiction is that there are both standard levels to strengthen your attention, and also subliminal levels to strengthen your control over specific addictions or habits you want to break!  These levels contain subliminal images (you don't have to use them, you can stick to the standard level if you want, and increase your level of difficulty here).  Use C-Ya! with the subliminal images of your choice (you won't see them, but they'll activate your deeper brain processes) and you may strengthen your will-power for the habit you most want to control!  Say C-Ya! to a lack of control over appetite, aggression, anxiety, arousal, alcohol, addiction (smoking).  


Tell us about your experiences!

Don't forget to tweet us, or comment on facebook, or you can email the inventor, Dr. Samantha Brooks directly.  We really want to hear about your experiences, and to share our research with you!


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